(a.k.a. the Please-Don't-Sue-Me Page ^_^)
OK, first off, I made this page for those X JAPAN fans who can read and understand only very little Japanese. Since the X JAPAN Official Site only has a Japanese page, and I was translating the pages for myself anyway, I decided to share my translations to other English-speaking fans as well.

Next up, let me just give a bit of warning about my translations. I myself am one of those fans with a barely-there knowledge of Japanese writing. I rely *heavily* on Babelfish and my Kanji lookup dictionary to translate even the simplest sentences. So there may be some mistakes. Not major ones, though. Hopefully.
So now you may ask me, "Why don't you just point these people to Babelfish's site? Why do you have to make an English mirror?" One reason: if you've been to the X JAPAN Official Site, you'll find sections where almost the whole page (even the text area OMG!) are GRAPHICS! And unfortunately, graphics never translate in Babelfish (or any other translator). You can imagine how much I wore out my Kanji lookup to translate these pages. It's hell, I tell ya. So I'm sharing. No one else has to duplicate my effort. (Not that I'm complaining, I'd do this a million times over for X JAPAN ^__^)


And yeah, I know that I'm kinda violating probably every known copyright law in the world for putting this site up. And that if Japan Music Agency gets a whiff of this site, I'll be in *really* hot, as in boiling hot, water.

So just to let you know, I'll be taking down this site if the following happens:
- X JAPAN Official Site opens an English section;
- Japan Music Agency finds out about it and decides to sue me (please don't, guys, just let me know and I'll take the site down sooner than you can say STANDING SEX LIVE);
- I lose interest in X JAPAN and stop translating their site for myself (right, as if this is really gonna happen);
- YOSHIKI-sama asks/commands/seduces me to take it down (LMAO).

About Pink Spider
No, not THAT Pink Spider.
I meant the other Pink Spider, the one who made this site. Me. heh.
I live at Pink Spider's Web, and you can email me at pinkspider@pinkspiderweb.net
(And I think that's all you really need to know about me right now ^__^



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